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The State of Human Rights in Sierra Leone 2011

Executive Summary

Sections 24 (1) and 7(g) of the HRCSLAct No.9 of 2004 makes the publication of an annual SOHR Report mandatory. The Commission, in adherence to this mandate, publishes its fifth annual SOHR Report.

PART I: gives a synopsis of the historical background of Sierra Leone, the civil war and the post-war recovery and peace consolidation processes. It also highlights the expiration of the term of the first set of Commissioners and the Commission's Mission, Vision, Core Values and statutory mandate.

PART II: presents the Commission's institutional capacity strengthening and staff development efforts during the period under review particularly the Directorate of Monitoring and Research, in a bid to strengthen its monitoring and reporting functions. It also outlines the Commission's efforts to exercise its quasi judicial function, which culminated in the holding of the first Public Hearing. This
section discusses the activities of the Commission and how its operations were sustained. The work of the Commission in support of GoSL on the preparatory stages that led to Sierra Leone's review by the Human Rights Council and the holding of a National Consultative Conference on the implementation of the UPR recommendations, in partnership with UNIPSIL and GoSL is also highlighted.

This section also highlights the Commission's efforts in staff capacity building and institutional strengthening, and catalogues the Commission's work on gender issues, especially those on sexual and reproductive health rights and gender based violence, with support from UNFPA and OSI/IWP

The Commission's activities as de-facto Follow-up Committee to the TRC, its engagements during its nationwide dissemination of SOHR Report 2010, and strategic interactions with government, development partners, the media and other relevant stakeholders are also reported. Activities commemorating the International Human Rights Day and African Human Rights Day are also reported. The strides made by the Commission to equip its libraries and documentation centers and strengthen its resource mobilization capability as well as its financial status are also highlighted.

PART III: This section highlights the human rights situation in the country for the period under review and how they were observed or violated. Government's efforts in ensuring that the enjoyment of these rights as well as instances where state